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The Manifesti of Radical Literature, Illustrated Third Edition

In Pressing Concern on September 15, 2013 at 10:29 pm



The excessively delayed but comprehensively Illustrated Third Edition of the Manifesti of Radical Literature is an  anarchist style guide for cultural producers of exactly 88 pages, with chapters on such foundational political acts as throwing away one’s dictionary, creating one’s own system of punctuation, refusing to abide by the language imposed upon us by corporate entities, the lures and conveniences of communicating in the digital age, and reconsidering the very conditions under which the laws by which we are expected to abide were crafted. Also, it is funny and of a pleasing form and light but increasing heft, perfect for spiriting away in one’s back pocket for an evening of street stenciling or shopdropping.

This Questionably Diagrammed Edition features slightly larger print, updated texts, an introduction and a postface by radical literarists Liz Mason and Mikki Halpin, an entirely new chapter on navigating integrity in online platforms, and several medical illustrations of little sense and less value, by the author who, technically speaking, is a writer. Written and illustrated by Anne Elizabeth Moore.

First Edition: October 2007. Second edition: October 2010. Third Edition: March 2014.

You can read more about it here.

The slightly expanded Second Edition (featuring: the correct spellings of many words!) was a Spring 2011 Pick at Portland’s In Other Words Feminist Community Center. Don’t believe it? Also, Lupe Fiasco picked it up, and liked it. Proof.


Women’s Comics Anthology

In Pressing Concern on April 19, 2007 at 6:13 pm

Women’s Comics Anthology is a comics anthology that provides content analysis on the most popular comics anthologies currently available, with an aim toward determining the necessity and/or viability of traditional women’s comics anthologies. Co-edited by James Payne and Anne Elizabeth Moore, and featuring contributions by contemporary women, men, and transgendered cartoonists, the Women’s Comics Anthology is a vital but funny look at the big business of cartooning.

Cover image by Sara Drake.

This title is out of print and now only available for free download. Please click here: Women’s Comics Anthology, 2nd Ed.